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Why Developer Description Copy Matters To Your App

Posted by on 07/14/2015

When you’ve finished developing your app and the time comes to share it with the world, it’s important to remember how important presentation is. A huge component of effectively presenting your product is using copy that’s strong enough to convert browsers into users.

If you treat the ‘Description’ field like a free-text box, you’re doing a disservice to your own hard work and will likely lose a significant proportion (if not a majority) of potential customers. On the other hand, if you capitalize on the opportunity and understand how to leverage your app’s description to encourage downloads, you can expect to see a significant increase in the number of people who use your app.

Making Developer Description Copy Compelling

Angry Birds Free: Immediately highlighting its unique features.

The first way to do this is to understand that each of the three major app stores (from AppleGoogle, and Amazon) will initially only display the first few lines of text (or maybe a paragraph, depending on the device you’re using) from your description.

For example, take the following introduction:

“This is a dating app. It lets you search for and meet people in your area. This is still an early version, but…”

This isn’t just wooden and uninspiring, it also conveys the image of the app’s creator being somewhat naive and amateur. By simply rethinking your app’s strengths and usefulness, you can convey it with much more enthusiasm:

“It’s back again! The number 1 dating app on iOS and Android. Find attractive people in your local area, and …”

Spotify: Making its strengths and purpose clear.

Because the strengths and purpose of the app are immediately presented to the user, there’s a higher chance of the user clicking the “More” button and reading the remainder of the description.

When you are writing your description, you need to understand that the first few sentences are often the difference between your app being downloaded and it fading into obscurity. If you’re hurting for inspiration, have a look at the product pages for the top free iTunes apps.

Keep Dev Descriptions Short And Sweet

When you’re writing the bulk of your text, you also need to understand the importance of short, concise delivery when presenting information. The digital lifestyle has afforded people the luxury to dictate what they do and do not want and – perhaps unfortunately – long pieces of text are usually at the bottom of the pile.

Instead, users want easily digestible snippets of information that can be scanned quickly and with ease. In order to ensure your formatting is as attractive as possible, it’s a good idea to try to include things like:

  • Short paragraphs: Trim all of the fat out of your text to ensure that you are only explaining the fundamental advantages of using your app
  • Bullet Points: A great way to efficiently cover numerous features in a short space without having to worry about making them work together in a paragraph
  • Whitespace: Break up your text for users so that, when they are browsing through it quickly, they can see where each point begins and ends
Dropbox: Making great use of short paragraphs and bullet points.

What To Keep In Mind To Make Your App Copy Shine

The upside of the focus on copy is that you are now forced to think about your app’s qualities and how you can best present them. Ensuring that you are focusing only on delivering the important features and aspects of your app will allow you to maximize its appeal and, subsequently, its download rate.

If you are struggling to compose a description which you feel will be compelling, feel free to use a freelancing website such as Upwork or Elance to establish communication with someone who might be better qualified to write your app’s description. A relatively small investment in outsourcing this process can potentially return a much-higher reward in terms of sales and downloads.

It’s always good to remember that, no matter how good your app is in terms of fulfilling its purposes, and no matter how well-developed it is, ultimately its success is at the mercy of an audience who know very little about it – or, often, nothing at all. Capitalizing on your ability to use your app’s description effectively must be extremely high on your priority list when you are finally ready to launch.

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