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What to do AFTER launching your mobile app

Posted by on 05/03/2016


In the previous post, I described steps you should take before publishing your app in app stores to make sure that you hit the ground running and get started on the right footing.

Does that mean that, after you publish your app, you can sit back and relax and watch downloads rates and revenue increase on their own? Of course not. This is just the beginning and you have to do your best to avoid the worst in the hostile environment of the mobile app industry, where many a good title have met their demise because of the lack of sound marketing strategies.

In this post, I will describe several measures you should take after you publish your app in order to improve your chances of success.

focus on user engagement and retention

Even if you have a handsome budget to spend on paid user acquisition, it should not be your sole marketing strategy. Not paying attention to user engagement and retention can result in users dropping off and uninstalling your app, as their attention becomes diverted towards other new apps.

There are many tricks to improving user engagement and retention in your app. There’s no one-size-fits-all recipe to it, but there are general principles that can help you get your bearings and start off in the right direction.

Also, paid acquisition should be done in a calculated manner, and you need to find the channels that can provide the best value to your app.

Don’t lose ’em:  4 Tips To Improve User Retention For Your App 

make the right measurements

Revenue is a great indicator for measuring the success of your app, but ‘per se‘, it won’t help you find points where you can improve your app, or identify icebergs and pitfalls ahead. You need to know the strengths of your app, and which features are generating the most positive feedback from users and drawing people to your app. You also need to know your app’s shortcomings, the sections where users are dropping off, where the app fails to meet their needs. Other statistics such as the frequency of app usage and its alterations over time can help make precise forecasts of your app revenue changes.

These metrics help you measure user satisfaction and engagement and plan future improvements to your app. You can find information about major metrics to look for here.

deliver updates with good descriptions

When users receive notifications about new app updates, they won’t be very excited about downloading them if they have bland descriptions such as “bug fixes,” especially since users download an average of 25 to 40 apps on their phone, according to Google.

You should perceive your updates as a marketing opportunity that will enable you to inform your users and get them excited about the new features you’ve added, in addition to the problems you’ve fixed. This is a strategy that can help you improve user engagement levels and re-engage users that have been passive for a while.

pay attention to customer support

Your users can become your best marketing partners or your worst nightmare, depending on how you treat them. In a competitive market, every user concern and feedback counts and should be addressed with care. If users feel that you are listening to their grievances and their suggestions, they can become evangelists for your app. If they feel they are being ignored, they will also start spreading the word, but not in the way you desire.

You should provide your users with many channels to communicate with you and give their opinion and feedback. Email and social media are a must, but also be on the lookout in forums for discussions about your app, and make sure you play an active role in picking up user queries and responding to them. Also pay close attention to reviews left by users about your app. In Google Play, publishers can reply to user reviews. Make sure you use this feature efficiently.

don’t force notifications on users

Push notifications are an extremely useful tool to improve user engagement and encourage user to return to your app. But when overdone, they can quickly become a source of frustration and push users toward uninstalling your app. Ideally, your app should use analytics in order to figure out user preferences and habits, and tailor push notifications to only show the right messages at the right time, things that can prove of value to the user.

Also allow users to turn off push notifications if they wish to.  Although this will deprive you of the means to reach out to your users while they’re out of your app, it’s still better than the alternative, which is to have your app uninstalled altogether.

personalize your pitch emails

One of the efficient ways to raise awareness about your app and increase your download rates is to reach out to the media. While including all of the important information about your app is critical, of equal importance is to personalize each email.

If the targeted blogger or journalist feels like they’re one of the many tens, hundreds or thousands recipients of the exact same email, it is less likely that they’ll answer or even read the letter. Small things like writing the recipient’s name or mentioning some of the previous articles they’ve written or topics they’ve covered will go a long way toward building trust. I’ve had personal experience on this one – on the receiving end.

get an expert reveiw to help promote your app

There are lots of sites offering paid reveiw services. Here at Appszoom, we offer a Premium Review service, one of the best ways to get a credible, reputable reference you can share.

For just $100, the team will review your app in 48 hours, and feature it on the website homepage, exposing it to 4 million+ eyes every month.

You’ll get an honest and straightforward opinion about your app, and parts of the review can even be used in your app’s description on the  app stores or in your own website.

over to you

There are many things that can be done right – and wrong – after you publish your app. I hope these tips will help you avoid some of the major pitfalls that lie ahead.

I’m interested in hearing about what you do to ensure your app’s success after you publish it. Please share your experience with us in the comments section.

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