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How to use mobile apps to best target your audience

Posted by on 10/25/2016


There is a hot topic currently driving many switched-on companies to engage in an unprecedented competition with each other when it comes to reaching out to a growing number of online users.

That topic is mobile apps; using them to market and make your voice heard to the largest audience possible has become a very popular. Obviously, the first and most vital step in this somewhat complicated journey is to accurately identify the target audience for your specific product or service.

Once this has been determined, you can launch your effort to shrewdly engage with your intended audience for a wider range of conversations, ultimately leading to more sales. The following methods could see your revenue grow if used as part of a carefully blueprinted strategy.

Painless experience through mobile apps

Rest assured that a even very precisely planned Mobile Relationship Marketing (MRM) strategy is doomed to fail if your customer feels like their time has been wasted.

Mobile apps delivering responsible design principles should be considered a major priority. Your mobile app should provide a relevantly similar type of experience for your audience, regardless of the device, mobile browser or operating system they have opted to use.

More than ever before, the mobile web is becoming increasingly device-cynical, therefore you must adapt your mobile app to become like a very capable all-terrain vehicle to weather these conditions. This might even force you into acquiring enhanced development software for your mobile app, which is the price you may just have to pay.

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Carefully planned discounts

Social media platforms, such as Facebook and Google+, have become platforms through which to effectively target users, as many mobile users are frequently using these mobile apps. A great way to launch your campaign is to use such platforms to advertise your mobile app.

Moreover, you can offer discounts to customers in your region using Groupon. This is a great way to successfully promote your mobile app, and ultimately your brand. Facebook Places, Foursquare, and Google Latitude are used constantly and present great opportunities to absorb local mobile consumers. Your mobile app will soon attract attention.

Streamlining the process of sharing

The most effective mobile marketing campaigns are never just a one-way street with no room for dialogue. Through your mobile app you should allow the user to share your company’s marketing content with their own audience.

This, of course, must be delivered in the most frictionless manner possible and only in order to escalate engagement with your mobile app. Within your account profiles, you should also include social widgets for sharing content. You can link your mobile app to a social media site to best exploit opportunities for mobile marketing. This is the best area in which to invest, considering the conversion rates, ROI, and sales.

Controversial clips

Today’s Internet is, many people believe, strongly biased in favor of multimedia and videos. You may see your mobile app facing major difficulties (such as slow income stream) because you only have small number of accessible video clips.

It doesn’t matter whether these clips are intended to promote your mobile app specifically, or simply aimed at increasing brand awareness. As YouTube makes it very easy to include links within the videos, it’s considered the preferred hosting platform to meet different objectives. Consider making it your preferred host for videos linked through your mobile app.

Furthermore, mobile video marketing can bring about a major boost to your brand awareness on the web, and provide you with the most effective form of advertising for your money.


Using SMS & email to increase audience retention

Making an initial sale is actually considered an easy task compared to retaining customers. Getting users to come back to your app on a more consistent basis is the most difficult of all challenges in this field.

Using SMS messaging to inform customers regarding existing deals offered by your company is a practical solution. However, keep in mind that it’s vitally important to avoid text spamming.

If you do end up spamming it will infuriate your customers, and re-gaining their trust will be very difficult. Automated email marketing via your mobile app is a more reliable method when it comes to increasing overall customer loyalty in comparison to any other practice.



Real-time interaction and engagement with your audience through your mobile will be the strongest and most talked-about selling feature of your app marketing campaign.

Attracting the attention of mobile buyers to your mobile app is no longer considered a done deal these days. If you intend to succeed in the competitive arena of mobile marketing, you will need to continuously engage with your audience on their terms and refine your mobile approach as you proceed.

Most importantly, your top priority should be the concerns of your targeted mobile users. If done correctly, the rest will follow suit.


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