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How To Make Sure No One Ever Downloads Your App

Posted by on 07/14/2015

Carlos and Max ​Carrasco are Weird & Wry, a mobile dev team based in Barcelona, Spain. For the past year and a half, they’ve poured their time and effort into putting together a space-themed strategic building and exploration game called The Spatials.


At the beginning of May 2014, The Spatials was accepted into the App Store as a free, ad-supported iPad title with minimal in-app purchases. One month later: downloads and revenue have flatlined.

Weird & Wry’s story is far too common among indie devs. What went wrong here?

What happens if you develop an indie game for mobile and do no PR whatsoever

Carlos wrote up the story of The Spatials on the TIG forums (famous for Notch’s original announcement and initial public development of Minecraft).

The basic timeline:

  • Early 2013: Driven by stories of indie devs Making It and Living The Life, the brothers began with a full 3D prototype, built using a custom engine.
“5 million tris from thousands of objects in ~200 draw calls at 30FPS, on the slowest retina iPad at full res. Procedurally animated too.”
  • Summer 2013: End of 3D prototype (too great in scope). Began work on 2nd game concept, more text based.

“Old-school, completely non-interactive, and induced sleep in most test subjects.”
  • Late 2013: End of text based game (worked, but wasn’t very fun). Began work on The Spatials, a strategic building/exploration game.