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How to Increase Your Mobile App Installs – Part 1: Free Methods to Increase Your Visibility

Posted by on 09/29/2015

As mobile internet becomes more and more popular, mobile apps are slowly but steadily outdistancing mobile web. Digital content is now being consumed more on mobile devices than on PCs, and the growing trend in online businesses is in-app purchases, as mobile users are becoming more inclined to spend money through apps than web.

According to a 2014 report by mobile apps analytics firm Flurry, the average time spent by consumers on mobiles on a daily basis has been gradaully growing, and most of that time is being spent in apps rather than the web browser. This is a trend that has continued in 2015. Another report shows that mobile apps are even taking the lead from TV shows.

Long story short, mobile apps are the future of online entrepreneurship, and a sound app marketing campaign should be a pivotal component of every enterprise’s strategy. And as I’ve discussed in a previous post, every app marketing campaign starts with getting users to download and install your app. Therefore the first order of business should be to create a strong user base through app installs, which will become a source of leads and customers for your company in the future.

In this series, I will give you a few guidelines that will help you increase your app installs. In this part, I will discuss free-of-charge methods that will increase your app’s visibility and direct more users toward your app.

Create professional-looking descriptions for your app

The first step to attract users is to make sure that your app’s in-store description and visuals look professional. You might have created the next best app in mobile history, but if its description is bland users will end up selecting something else.

Invest in enough time and energy to create a long and informative description for your app. Keywords are important as well. Think like users. Consider the keywords they will be searching when looking for services that your app offers. Add those keywords to your description in the right density and locations. Also consider using research tools to find lateral and long-tail keywords that relate to the subject.

If possible, make sure your description is localized in most common languages. Don’t trust automatic translators, as they usually end creating weird-looking material, especially when technical subjects are concerned. There are a lot of talented freelance writers who will do the translation for a small fee.


Choose your words wisely: Why Developer Description Copy Matters To Your App 


Use visuals to complement your app description

Visuals play a great role in bringing out the niceties that your app has to offer. Create an appealing cover image to go with your app’s description. A strong, unique cover image can really boost user downloads.

Making a video for your app is a must. There are some very good video editing software tailored for mobile app video creation, and can help a lot in creating a good video to present your app.

Again, if you don’t have the expertise in-house, don’t hesitate to outsource the job to a professional agency or freelance video editors. And don’t forget to add voice talent and subtitles for other languages.

Also add crisp, clean and professional pictures and screenshots to give visitors a realistic image of what your app has to offer. If possible, take hi-res pictures of real persons using your app in the right environment. For instance, if you’re developing in the health domain, show the picture of a doctor using your app on a mobile or tablet device. The goal is for the user to see your app in action.


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Use your website to advertise your app

A recent survey by internet analytics company ComScore shows that while users spend more time in apps, sites continue to attract bigger audiences, mainly because they offer fluid linking between search and content. Therefore a lot of users will first find your company by surfing to your website. This is a great opportunity to introduce them to your app.

Make sure your site contains descriptions and download links to your app so that users can quickly be directed to the download page once they become interested.

You can examine HTTP headers to discover requests originating from mobile devices and also determine the type of device that the request is being sent from. Based on device type, you can then offer visitors the version of the app that suits their platform.


Roll out the welcome mat for potential users: How To Make A Killer Landing Page For Your App


Social reach-out and cross promotion

As the old saying goes, “I’ll scratch your back and you’ll scratch mine.” You can reach out to other app developers to build relationships and help promote each other’s work. Social media can be a boon in this regard. Join developer groups. Write reviews for each other, discuss bug fixes and new features. All of this can help to increase your visibility across app circles.

You can also consider using cross-promotion platforms. These networks allow app owners to exchange users (downloads) with each other and can help you boost your download rates without spending a dime.


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3 responses to “How to Increase Your Mobile App Installs – Part 1: Free Methods to Increase Your Visibility”

  1. Andrey Akulov says:

    Without active promotion, even good game is not visible in Google market absolutly. Only one very small chance for get recommended. It`s real problem for single gevelopers.

  2. Janel Torkington says:

    No kidding – the glut of apps in the market make it SUPER difficult for smaller devs to get noticed, even when they release really well-made apps. Have you tried any of the techniques in the post? Any other ideas for standing out from the crowd?

  3. tanzim hsan shad says:

    exactly sir…i also understand that…coz i m also a single developer