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How to improve app marketing through social media monitoring

Posted by on 09/20/2016


With their propagation and growth, social media platforms have proven to be an indispensable tool for many professions, including app marketing. With social media networks, you can connect to new customers, trigger public conversations about your app, offer new channels to communicate with your brand, and provide a unified place to share your content globally.

The openness of social media is improving transparency and accountability and is driving more authentic and informal conversations about apps.

But while there’s no doubt about the power hidden behind social media marketing, you need to have the means to monitor your efforts in order to be able to use your social media accounts to their full potential.

Monitoring social media efforts can help you stay ahead of your competitors, keep your customers engaged and make sure all mentions of your brand and app are properly dealt with. Effectively, you get the biggest bang for the buck while also mitigating risks and controlling damage.

In this article, I will touch upon the basics of social media monitoring in different domains of app marketing.

Tracking your app’s PR 

If you’re leading your app’s public relations efforts, you need to deal with both positive and negative reviews, amplifying the positive ones while quelling the negative. Social media is great to create engagement, especially in crisis situations. With social media tools you can directly get in touch with customers and respond to their perspective on a particular issue without going through all the layers and filters that stand between you in traditional communication methods.

Social media also gives you the power to get publicity for your app without spending much.

But social media have also forced a great change to the PR monitoring cycle. Monitoring tools can help you find mentions of your app and determine whether your efforts are yielding positive results.

Monitoring social mentions of your app is extremely essential. In fact failing to do so can have serious repercussions. For instance, if a particularly negative post about your app goes viral, it can create a negative buzz and seriously harm both your app and your brand in general. Social media monitoring will help you identify and deal with such issues before they culminate into disasters. Prompt reactions and well-placed responses can in fact turn negative posts into positive ones, especially if you have a strong social network to back you.

Social media monitoring can also help you better understand your app’s audience, their preferences and habits, which can in turn enable you to fine tune your PR campaigns for better efficiency. Monitoring can also identify the challenges that are generating the most engagements.

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tracking app marketing

By now, no one will argue that social media platforms are one of the keys to keeping up both with the competition and the shifting needs of customers. A lot of your app’s success will depend on building a social presence and remaining engaged. If you don’t engage in social media activities, you risk being left behind and losing crucial business for your app.

But there’s a lot more to social media in app marketing than just posting and replying to user comments. You need to be able to measure your success and progress, especially if you’re spending money in your social media efforts. This is where social media monitoring comes into play.

It’s also important to keep tabs on conversations being made about your app. You need to know what people are talking about when mentioning your app. You also need to keep track of what’s being left out or is being missed by users, and fill in the gaps when opportunities arise. Social media monitoring can also help you identify influencers and evangelists that can help to boost your app marketing efforts and get them more engaged with your app and brand.

social media monitoring for competitive analysis

As mentioned in a previous post, competitive analysis is a very important technique that can help direct your app marketing efforts in the right direction. One of the tools that can help lead competitive analysis is social media monitoring. By knowing what competitors and leaders in your domain are focusing their social media efforts on, you’ll get a clearer idea on how to generate buzz and engagement about your app in social media platforms.

However, your monitoring efforts must be complemented with correct analysis. This can be achieved by conducting regular monitoring, comparing numbers and gleaning insights.

Social media monitoring can help you identify trends, new developments and find your app’s standing among its peers in the industry. Over time, you can get a grasp of how your app is progressing toward its ultimate goal of domination.

Also, monitoring competitors can help you identify spikes, seek out the reasons why they’re suddenly being mentioned a lot, and help you spot opportunities for your own app.

which tools to use

There are several tools tools, both paid and free, that can help you lead your social media monitoring efforts. Some of the more popular are listed below:

  • HootSuite: HootSuite is one of the most famous tools for controlling multiple social media accounts and platforms at the same time. You can add all your app’s accounts in a unified interface and keep tabs on changes, notifications and mentions. Its weekly analytics reports are especially suitable for monitoring purposes.
  • Buffer: Buffer is a tool that will let you schedule your social media posts to generate the largest impression rates and create the biggest impact. It can be a good tool to complement your monitoring efforts.
  • TwitterCounter: TwitterCounter tracks millions of users and provides good features for monitoring your competitors and your audience.
  • BrandWatch: BrandWatch is a monitoring tool that helps PR experts discern key aspects of campaigns.
  • Google Alerts: Google Alert is an excellent tool to keep track of mentions of your app or your competitors on the web. Once you setup an alert, you’ll receive email notifications for updates on the topic.



final thoughts

Social media is an indispensable tool for every app marketer and PR expert. Monitoring and keeping close watch on how your social media efforts are performing will be crucial to correcting mistakes and fine-tuning campaigns.

Hopefully, the tips mentioned in this article will help you improve the effectiveness of your app’s social media campaigns.

If you have experience to add, we’d love to hear it. Please share with us in the comments section.

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