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How To Create Buzz For Your App Before Publishing It

Posted by on 02/16/2016


Many app developers ask me when an app marketing campaign should begin. Upon publishing an app? A few weeks after publishing it, when you’ve gotten some real user feedback?

My answer is: Right this very moment, before you even publish your app, even before you’re feature-complete and finished correcting all the bugs.

If you think you’re working on a great idea and the app you’re developing is exactly what your users need, then you should let them know about it before it hits the stores. Creating buzz before you publish you app will make sure that you’ll hit the ground running when you actually release it and create the right momentum to keep you on the path to success.

The app Mylo managed to create much hype before even being release, and it has a very interesting success story to tell in this regard. Here is how the team managed to whet the appetite of tens of thousands of users before shipping the app.

Blog about your app

Blogging is one of the best ways to catch the attention of an audience, especially if you have access to authority blogs and sites. Daniel Eckler, the creator of Mylo, published a blog post on Medium titled, “The 21 Best-designed Apps of 2015” in which he also presented his app and explained about its promising features.

However, he did not make it read like a sales pitch. And he was right in doing so: blog readers expect to read educational and informative material, and if they get the feeling that they’re reading a commercial, there’s a good chance they’ll be turned down and avoid reading it through.

Therefore, if you write a good blog post, you’ll be able to offer a nice piece of general advice to your audience, plus familiarize them with your upcoming app, and possibly make them curious enough to take the next step. Now if you can spread the word about your app in several blogs, you can rest assured that you’ll reach out the right audience.

Create a landing page for your app

A website specialized for your app can be the best place to redirect users who are interested to find out more about your app. You probably know this already, but finding a hosting service and setting up a website with a domain name that fits your app is pretty cheap and easy and you can get it done in a few quick, easy steps. This will give you a space to post new updates, information and special offers about your app, and a destination for links you embed in your blog posts.

Screen_Shot_2016-01-22_at_11.25.15_AM.pngDaniel created a very cool landing page for the Mylo app, which had those characteristics. It has an excellent, simple and straightforward design that quickly gives you a sense of what the app does, who it’s for and why it’s useful.

 How To Make A Killer Landing Page For Your App: Concrete, actionable tips to make your app’s first impression shine

Create a video for your app

Putting up preliminary screenshots from your app is cool enough to draw the attention of your potential users. But what if you could show them the app in action before it actually became available for download on app stores?

If the app is well enough in the development stage to be able to shoot a video of it being used on a mobile device, it would be a very useful addition to your assets for presenting your app. Add a decent voiceover and a suitable background music, and post it on YouTube. With the right set of keywords and a good description, you can rest assured that people will start finding your app when searching for similar topics on the web, since YouTube is being powered by the leading search engine on the internet.

Again, Mylo took the right step: