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How audiovisuals help increase app installs

Posted by on 11/17/2015


App installs are like time and money: You can never have enough of ’em.

There are many ways you can drive more installs for your app, including both free and paid methods. One powerful tool that I’ll be discussing in this post is audiovisuals, specifically promo videos. By using videos the right way, you’ll be expanding your app marketing arsenal with an invaluable tool.

Here’s why videos can help you promote your app.

Videos are a better way to communicate with your users

Consumers love video content because it demands less effort on their part. It requires no clicking, no scrolling, no reading, no thinking: They just sit back and relax and watch your app in action.

And since you’re in control, you decide the course the user is taken through, deciding where to show your call-to-action instead of depending on the user to spot it and take the necessary steps.

It’s also something that helps users remember your app and brand, even if they decide not to install it right away, and it makes it more likely that they later visit your app page to resume where they left off.

Moreover, old users can be re-engaged by showing them videos presenting new features and updates.

Users get to experience your app before installing it

No user would want to spend time, money and bandwidth downloading an app that will offer a poor user experience and mediocre features. And let’s face it: There are a more bad apps out there than there are good ones. Every one of us has downloaded, installed, tried, and disposed of at least a handful at some point during our mobile experience carreer.

Offering a short, one-minute video that takes the viewer through your app and shows its benefits and usage can go a long way toward creating trust among potential users and geting them excited about your app. In short, a video provides users with a shortcut to assess your app and decide whether it’s worth downloading or not.

Combined with a nicely written app description and crisp, high-quality screenshots on your app page, promo videos will help you trigger the most influence on visitors.

You get qualified installs and improved user retention

One of the benefits of promo videos is that it makes sure users who install your app are more qualified. This effectively means that they’ve decided to install your app after getting a clear vision of what your app looks and feels like.

This will also help you in the long run because qualified users are more likely to provide lifetime value and remain engaged with your app. Moreover, if your promo video is well-made, your users already have an idea of how to correctly use it and will learn to master it quickly, without becoming frustrated while finding their way.


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You get SEO benefits as a bonus

In addition to being a great marketing tool for presenting your app, videos are a terrific SEO tactic and can help you improve your brand visibility. Specifically, posting your videos on YouTube will give you the benefit of leveraging the power of the world’s second search engine.

With the proper keywords, you can improve your ranking in YouTube’s search results for the niche and industry your app represents. Moreover, since YouTube is owned by Google and much of its code base is integrated with the infrastructure of its search engine, getting enough views and comments on your videos will improve your brand’s overall Google search ranking.

Where to start if you want to create promo videos

Promo videos are a must have if you’re serious about your app marketing campaign.

In this post, I just wanted to pique your interest about the benefits of using audiovisuals and videos to promote your app and increase your install rates. I will definitely write a post about the dos and don’ts of promo videos in the future.

But in the meantime, here are a few quick tips that can get you started on promo videos:

Services that offer promo videos

There are many promo video service that will create a promo video for your app for a defined fee. Some examples are Apptamin, Startup Videos and DemoNinja, each having their pros and cons. The benefit of using these services is that they offer professional work and will create your promo video from scratch, taking the burden off your shoulder. They’re an especially good option if you’re lacking the expertise and proficiency in-house.

Appszoom offers a 5-minute video review service, which is a unique option to show off a real human being actually using your app. It’s a great way to quickly foster trust in your potential users since they’ll see your app being evaluated in real-time by a mobile expert.

If you want to create promo videos yourself

If you already have video editing skills at home and are confident you can create promo videos by yourself, no problem. Here are a few quick tips that can put you on the right track:

  • Keep it short: Make sure your video doesn’t stretch much longer than a minute and a half. Viewers will get bored and quickly tune out.

  • Keep it simple: Focus on the following two questions when planning the content of your video:

    • What does your app do?

    • Why should users download it?

  • Focus on the benefits of your app: Instead of highlighting the features, tell your viewers how they can benefit from downloading your app (e.g. find the nearest restaurant wherever you go).

  • Display end results instead of talking about them: That’s what videos are for right? Talk less, show more.

  • Keep the tone conversational: When adding voice-overs to your video, imagine you’re describing your app at a family party or meeting, addressing non-developer friends. Make sure every viewer understands what you’re talking about.

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