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Five Free And Low Cost Tactics To Increase App Installs

Posted by on 11/03/2015


We all know the value of install and acquisition rates contribute to app marketing campaigns. I recently discussed several tactics that are worth trying when aiming for higher download rates.

Now that you have a professional-looking app and a good social media presence along with a well-planned CPI campaign, you might be wondering what else you can do to increase your install rates and give your audience numbers a boost. In this post, I’ll introduce five other methods that will help to increase your install rates without costing you a dime.

Target smaller markets

Although it’s nice to be ranked among the top 50 apps in Google’s or Apple’s app stores, it’s a tough feat to pull when you’re competing with approximately one million other apps and thousands of vendors.

But that doesn’t mean that you should become dismayed. You can start by targeting smaller markets, including countries other than the U.S., or signing up and listing your app in alternative app stores. Using alternative app stores has the added benefit of reaching out to audiences that may not be using mainstream app stores.

Once you build your reputation in the smaller markets, satisfied users will start spreading the word about your app and you’ll see your overall rating improve in the more popular app stores as well.

YouTube videos

When it comes to social media, app marketers are usually focused on Facebook and Twitter while not paying much attention to the benefits of using social media giant YouTube as a marketing platform. YouTube has the benefit of being among the most popular websites according to Alexa.

Also, the fact that it is owned by Google means that YouTube has the added benefit of leveraging one of the most powerful search engines across the web, which means an optimized and well-keyworded video can expose your app to thousands of viewers even if it never goes viral.

Moreover, video trailers can bring out facets of your application that simple written descriptions and screenshots can’t. In fact, many app vendors are already making use of this technique in order to increase their online visibility.

More specific video insight: Making An Effective Introduction To Your App Using YouTube


Integrating your services with an already popular app can give your install rates a good bump. This way you can leverage the popularity of other apps in order to introduce your own.

People are more likely to pay attention to your app if it integrates with and adds something useful to an app they already trust and use actively. For instance, there were several apps that managed to become more noticed because of their integration with Apple’s famous Healthkit.

Another added benefit of integration is that your app’s name will appear in app store searches that involve the more famous app. But this may possibly need an authorization request from the vendor.


Emails are perhaps the oldest online marketing tool, but they can still do wonders if done right, especially if you already have an established list of loyal customers. In fact, according to surveys, CTRs for mobile emails are much stronger than those of mobile ads.

Email is a cheap way to communicate with customers, and it doesn’t cost much in time and resources to set up an email marketing campaign. Also, mobile-optimized emails are easy to create and when it comes to segmenting, a combination of mailing lists and customer relationship management can offer very flexible solutions.

Getting feedback

Many users will visit your app page, but most average users will refrain from downloading it if they don’t find positive feedback (I personally used to have this habit). They like to know what other people think before installing your app on their devices, and avoid going through someone else’s bad experience all over again.

Bear in mind that unsatisfied users are more likely to leave negative feedback about your app than the satisfied ones. It’s only natural: Happy users have already gotten what they want and have no reason to revisit your page while disenchanted ones feel hurt and are likely to be looking for a way to retaliate.

Most satisfied customers will be happy to leave a line or two of positive feedback on your app. You just need to remind them to do so. A friendly in-app messaging following a service completion encouraging users to support you by writing a few lines about your app can get you many positive reviews.

Also, if you’re confident about your app’s performance and success (which you most certainly are), go to popular forums and start talking about your app. Take care not to sound like a self-promoter. Ask users what they think about your app and what advices they have to offer in order to make it better. Initiating conversations will give your app’s visibility a boost and will pique the interest of many users who otherwise hadn’t heard about your app.

How are you increasing app installs?

Hopefully, these tips will help you pump some fresh blood into your app marketing campaign. If you have more to add to this list and have other tactics that can help increase app installs, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.


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