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4 places where you can promote your app for free

Posted by on 09/28/2016


There are a lot of different channels that can help you to increase exposure of your app and grab the attention of potential users.

In this post, I give you a high-level view of different channels and how they can be used to promote your app.

your own website

If you already have a website, then you’re good to go. If you don’t, you better consider setting up a landing page or a fully featured site for your app. There are many benefits to having a website exclusive to your app, the most important being that it makes it professional and official. Apps that have an identity beyond Google Play and App Store tend to create a much more positive impression on visitors.

A lot can be done in a website to raise interest in your app, including blog posts and demo videos. And the best thing about websites is that you can start raising exposure on your app before it goes live in app stores, which can generate hype around your app, help you hit the ground running when you publish your app and avoid getting lost in the swarm of other apps that get published at the same time as yours.

Websites are also a place where you can build a community around your app, gather email lists, generate leads, find evangelists and get early feedback. This can be achieved by adding subscription forms and special offers to your app.

There are many free platforms such as WordPress that can help you get started on creating a website, and others specialize in landing pages. Here’s my guide on landing pages for mobile apps.

The look and feel of your website should be consistent with the general theme of your app, including logo, colors, frames, fonts and everything else. The same goes for social media accounts and pages.

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other websites

There are plenty of websites that can help promote your app for free, especially if it manages to catch the eye of some of the thought leaders in the app development community. Here are some that might be worth trying:

  • Appszoom for Developers: Ok, so a bit of shameless publicity of our own here. Appszoom has a ton of services for developers to help you get the word out about your app. You can sign up and create your very own Developer’s Page for free, and install the Appszoom SDK to promote your app within other developers’ apps for free. The SDK works upon a completely fair system within which you’ll get just as many ad impressions as you deliver to other devs.
  • Launching Next: This is a good service that helps you raise awareness on your app prior to launch. It only takes a few minutes to fill the submission form, and it is regularly read by a lot of people who are looking for new trends in the app space.
  • Springwise: If you’ve got something totally new, Springwise is the place to go. It’s looking for groundbreaking ideas and is visited by a huge audience of tech-addicts. By the way, Springwise is not exclusively for mobile apps – and new ideas are worth posting.
  • Product Hunt: This is the place where new products get voted on and assessed by developers, founders, enthusiasts and just about anyone who has a place in the tech cycle. Getting in is a little tricky, but the rewards are worth the effort. You can find tips on how to get your launch featured on Product Hunt here.
  • Betalist: Another place for soon-to-be-released apps. The exposure is strong. Sign-up is free (but you need to meet certain requirements to be accepted) but you can pay to speed things up a bit.

There are a lot of other websites that can help you to promote your app. You can find a more comprehensive list here.

social media

Social media platforms are an excellent medium to promote your app and find and target the right people. Here’s a quick breakdown of the benefits of three social media platforms we’ve covered less on Appszoom blog:

  • Reddit: Reddit is a social media, microblog and forum at the same time. There are sub-reddits for nearly every topic, and if you abide by the rules, you can get a lot of exposure on your app where it matters most. For instance, sub-reddits such as and are excellent places to introduce and start discussing your Android app.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is business oriented, so it can help you most if you’ve developed an app for a specific industry. The best place to get exposure on your app is the groups section, where you can start conversations with the right audience. LinkedIn groups are very active and I’ve found them to be goldmines in exchanging ideas with the right people and raising awareness about an idea or product. Appszoom’s Apptalks is an excellent place for app developers to get started.
  • Google+: Popular but not as active as Facebook, G+ has one very important benefit – it is run by Google, the number one search engine of the universe. So it turns out that being active on Google+, especially in Communities, act as an app store optimization factor in Google’s Play Store, especially if you manage to nail a few up-votes.

One caveat in achieving success in social media is to avoid spammy behavior. It is natural to get carried away if you feel like you’re not making the wanted progress, but don’t pester people by spamming them with content they haven’t asked for. You’ll only end up doing more harm than good.

crowdfunding forums

You’ve probably heard of sites such as IndieGoGo and KickStarter. While the main purpose of these websites is to raise funds for a purpose or project, they have also become a good source to promote your idea and gain exposure. This is particularly convenient for indie devs, though creating an attention grabbing post can be a bit tricky and difficult.

So with crowd-funding platforms, you can actually achieve many goals at the same time. First of all, you earn some cash for your hard efforts in developing the superb app you’re working on. Second, you raise awareness about your app, and if you manage to raise enough funds, you can hit the media and get coverage, which is an added bonus. Third, you find some very valuable fans who can turn into beta testers or evangelists for your app. People who are willing to pay for your app are also likely to follow up on its progress. And fourth, you’ll be able to publicize your app before launch, which can help boost your installs after you publish it.

over to you

This list is far from complete, but is a good starting point to give you a good start on making your app known to the world.

How do you promote your app? Share with us in the comments section.

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