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How To Become Invisible: 3 Simple Secrets of Sticky Apps

Posted by on 09/01/2017

Take a look at the things you use every day: a chair, a water bottle, the internet. All of these things were designed. And standing behind them, a designer—someone whose brain mapped out a solution to a problem. These people are able to imagine a world in which their product slips into the fabric of everyday life. Most people don’t concern themselves with envisioning products that help us make progress as a society—what could be possibly be any better than sitting on the ground, collecting water from a fossett, and staying connected by calling people?

A successful product is an invisible product. It’s something that’s so useful in your life, you no longer notice it. The same goes for apps. The most successful apps become so integral to daily actions, they never get dragged over to the uninstall button—a dream for any app developer.

So how can you make your app invisible? Here’s a list of things to consider.

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