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How to Write Great App Microcopy

Posted by on 07/03/2017

If copy and design met on Tinder, they’d both swipe right and hit it off.

That’s because good copy and good design go hand in hand. Good copy reinforces smart design and improves the user experience (UX). Good design reduces the need for lots of text—reducing friction and also enhancing the UX. You shouldn’t have to write two lines of text to explain what the user needs to do.

But what the blazes is microcopy?  

Microcopy is the text that silently guides you through an online experience. It’s the guy or girl who glides around the party, quietly topping up drinks (and maybe puts you in a cab later when you’ve had one too many). It can take the form of an error message when you complete a field incorrectly, a button that submits a request, or a confirmation message when something’s happened. It’s the kind of thing you never notice, but really miss when it’s not around.

If you’re a regular Facebook user, you probably stare at the same piece of microcopy at least once a day:

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