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How to use mobile apps to best target your audience

Posted by on 10/25/2016


There is a hot topic currently driving many switched-on companies to engage in an unprecedented competition with each other when it comes to reaching out to a growing number of online users.

That topic is mobile apps; using them to market and make your voice heard to the largest audience possible has become a very popular. Obviously, the first and most vital step in this somewhat complicated journey is to accurately identify the target audience for your specific product or service.

Once this has been determined, you can launch your effort to shrewdly engage with your intended audience for a wider range of conversations, ultimately leading to more sales. The following methods could see your revenue grow if used as part of a carefully blueprinted strategy.

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The principles that make app engagement marketing simple

Posted by on 10/18/2016


These days, the mission of most companies is plain and simple: putting every effort into increasing their value to the highest peak possible. However, there is another viewpoint that does not consider the product, the brand, or even the team to be the most valuable asset. In fact, the most important asset is sitting right before your eyes, the person that’s always right: the customer. The companies that enjoy the most success follow a simple line in each and every stage of their customer lifespan: during the acquisition of new buyers, in escalating the lifetime value (LTV) of each buyer, and during their conversion process into advocates of the product.

In today’s world it is the duty of the marketer to act as guide to the journey their customers are on; to establish bonds with each and every customer no matter where they are. This may involve making contact using social media, providing a unique experience through various devices, or providing personalized criteria and communications.

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How to Increase Your Mobile App Installs – Part 2: Paid Methods

Posted by on 10/13/2016


In the first part of this series, I underlined the importance of increasing app installs and overviewed some of the organic methods that can help increase your visibility and give you more app installs.

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Advanced app user retention 101

Posted by on 10/11/2016

mobile phone woman

Two very distinct yet related measures of application success are mobile app retention and engagement. A recipe for failure consists of low app engagement, while you know you’re onto a winner if you have growing engagement and retention.

Here’s what you need to know.

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How to choose between mobile app and mobile web for marketing campaigns

Posted by on 10/08/2016


Deciding between mobile app and mobile web is most probably the most common dispute in the mind of marketers. When a growing number of people across the globe own a mobile device or smartphone, the issue at hand becomes even more important.

With profit often as the goal, how can brands master the art of communication with their customers while not forgetting to respect the user? Can brands merely build a mobile app and consider it done?

If the objective is mobile advertising effectiveness, vital factors must be considered when deciding between mobile app and mobile web.

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