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4 places where you can promote your app for free

Posted by on 09/28/2016


There are a lot of different channels that can help you to increase exposure of your app and grab the attention of potential users.

In this post, I give you a high-level view of different channels and how they can be used to promote your app.

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How to choose the right messaging channel for your app

Posted by on 09/27/2016


Sending messages to your users is essential if you want to let them know the newest features and products you offer. But there’s more to it than simply using push messages on mobile devices. There are plenty of options at your disposal, including push notifications, in-app messaging, email, and newsfeeds. With smartphones considered to be very personal devices, it’s very easy to make a wrong turn and frustrate your users.

So how do you choose the right channel for your mobile app?

In this post, I’ll present a few examples that will help you make the right choice for your app. This is far from a perfect science, and a lot will depend on your app’s function and audience. It’s always a good idea to test first, and tailor the advice given below to your own app.

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How to avoid failure in app development projects

Posted by on 09/24/2016


Many challenges are involved in running a mobile app development project. Defining a finite list of mistakes and pitfalls to avoid is simply impossible. There are too many moving parts, too many differing aspects and too many unexpected turns and twists that can and will come up in the course of developing and releasing your app to be able to predict everything.

Nonetheless, there are some challenges that are common to all types of app development projects. In this post, I will introduce you to some of them and explain how you can avoid or overcome them.

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How top brands are using mobile apps to promote their services

Posted by on 09/23/2016


Brands are always looking for new, innovative ways to create more efficient ads and improve conversion rates. Trends quickly shift and what works today might no longer be effective tomorrow. For instance, at their dawn, banner ads were one of the most effective advertising mediums. Today, they’re one of the most invasive types of ads with the lowest click through rate.

Presently, mobile advertising is on the rise. Brands and companies are increasingly embracing mobile marketing campaigns. This is especially important since more than half the total internet traffic comes from mobile devices, a figure that is slated to rise in the future.

Today, about 49 percent of digital ad spending is allocated to mobile ads, and by 2019, the figure will rise to 72 percent. With trends leaning toward mobile advertisement, companies are learning to use the personalized experience and unique features of mobile apps to create marketing campaigns that are engaging for their audience and generate better return on investment.

Here are four successful examples of how mobile apps are changing the marketing landscape.

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How to improve app marketing through social media monitoring

Posted by on 09/20/2016


With their propagation and growth, social media platforms have proven to be an indispensable tool for many professions, including app marketing. With social media networks, you can connect to new customers, trigger public conversations about your app, offer new channels to communicate with your brand, and provide a unified place to share your content globally.

The openness of social media is improving transparency and accountability and is driving more authentic and informal conversations about apps.

But while there’s no doubt about the power hidden behind social media marketing, you need to have the means to monitor your efforts in order to be able to use your social media accounts to their full potential.

Monitoring social media efforts can help you stay ahead of your competitors, keep your customers engaged and make sure all mentions of your brand and app are properly dealt with. Effectively, you get the biggest bang for the buck while also mitigating risks and controlling damage.

In this article, I will touch upon the basics of social media monitoring in different domains of app marketing.

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5 tips for writing better press releases for your mobile app

Posted by on 09/16/2016


Reaching out to the media is an important step of your app marketing efforts. No one will automatically learn about your app in the endless, roiling sea of apps that are vying for user attention and smartphone real estate. But a well-placed article or blog post can generate lots of traffic to your app, give you an SEO boost and amplify your marketing efforts like nothing else. A good press release is one of the things you need when you want to pitch your app to the press.

But since thousands (if not millions) of other developers and publishers are doing the same thing, writing a killer press release that will make your app stand out from the competition can be a challenging feat. Here’s how you can write a press release that will put you on a better footing to draw the attention of bloggers and journalists.

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How to come up with app ideas that sell

Posted by on 09/13/2016


Creating software is a risky business in general. You spend hundreds and thousands of hours developing your application, and then you have to keep your fingers crossed, hoping against hope that it will produce the buzz and excitement that you expect. Successful mobile app projects are even harder to pull than traditional software. Mobile devices are more limited in memory and real estate in comparison to other computing devices, and you have to have a good reason to convince users to install and keep using your app.

A lot of it hinges on the idea behind your app. Is it something that hasn’t been done before (like Pokemon Go)? Is it a personalized version of a famous tool (like the Facebook app)? Why should users choose your app over the millions of others that are available out there?

But contrary to popular belief, great ideas are not the product of divine intervention or the minds of the gifted few who can foresee the future and decide an impeccable course of action. Successful app ideas are the result of meticulous, step by step action which can identify problems and find solutions to those problems.

In this piece, I will share a few recommendations that can aid you in defining the path of your app idea generation process, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned developer.

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How to grow your app’s email marketing list

Posted by on 09/10/2016


You’ll hear a lot about email marketing having become passé, a thing of the past, a tool to ultimately avoid… You’ll also hear a lot about how mobile push notifications are your salvation and can bring you tons of downloads, leads, and customers (which is true by the way).

The truth is, email marketing has been put to so much ill use that it has fallen from grace, like many other things (banner ads anyone?). But anything done wrong can turn into a disaster, including mobile push notifications. Push notifications can become intrusive on their own, especially since smartphones are extremely personal devices, and users can quickly get annoyed when targeted with untimely and irrelevant ads, and subsequently turn off notifications and block you out forever.

Placing your bets on any single medium to reach out to your user makes it easier to lose touch. So you should value every channel you have to connect with, and engage, your potential customers. That includes email lists.

Fact of the matter is, email lists are far from dead, and if used properly, they can turn out to be one of your most effective – and favorite – app marketing tools. In this post, I will show you how to grow your email list and put it to good use.

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What is mobile app deep linking?

Posted by on 09/09/2016


URLs and links have become all too common in the world of web. Find a page that you like, copy the web address, and send it to a friend via social media, email or SMS, and they can instantly point their browser to the same location and share the experience with you.

Imagine if you could do the same with the contents of a mobile app. This is something that is made possible through “deep linking,” a development technology that hasn’t been given its proper due over past years, but is fast gaining popularity both among app developers and marketers and was predicted as one of the mobile app trends to impact 2016.

In this post, you’ll learn about the basics of deep linking, the benefits and caveats.

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Make the most of paid promotion with Facebook Ads

Posted by on 09/02/2016


When it comes to advertisement, Facebook is one of the most effective platforms. Since it gathers huge amounts of data about users based on updates, likes, comments, shares, page visits and even activities on other sites (yes Facebook is monitoring you even when you’re not in it), it is one of the most capable platforms for finding people based on their preferences.

Therefore, Facebook Ads have some of the highest conversion rates among paid advertisement platforms. A survey by eMarketer is testament to the fact: More than 95% of the polled marketers said that among social media platforms, Facebook gave them the best ROI.

This naturally means that Facebook should be your prime choice for paid app promotion. But you should take note that even though it’s effective, it’s not a magic recipe that will start getting downloads for your apps without any effort on your part. Like every other promotion platform, it’s got its own kinks and needs experimentation to master.

The key is to find the right people, in the right place, at the right time instead of wasting money targeting very broad demographics. And Facebook is perfect for that. In this post, I’ll share some tips to help you shortcut your path to success and get the most installs for your money.

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