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How to better your mobile app marketing via competitive analysis

Posted by on 08/30/2016


We’ve all read a lot about app marketing tactics and techniques. The basics, the tools, the procedures are generally the same. Organic marketing, paid acquisition, retention tools, analytics, app store optimization, iOS and Android hacks and whatnot are being discussed everywhere. But how is it that some marketers are more successful than others?

What makes the difference is how you combine your tools and put them to use together. One of the universal tried and tested ways to improve your skills and abilities is to learn from others. In this piece I will acquaint you with competitive analysis, a technique that will help you discover the secrets of your peers and competitors who are performing better than you.

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How did Pokémon Go become so successful?

Posted by on 08/30/2016


If you’re like me, you’re fascinated (and somewhat confused or frustrated) by the sudden rise of Pokémon Go (Android, iOS), the mobile game that took the world by storm and conquered the headlines of media outlets for weeks on end. The game has already acquired more than 30 million players and is raking in millions of dollars every day.

So what exactly made Pokémon Go such a sensation? No one can tell for sure, but here are some of the reasons behind the game’s historic success.

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