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How to find social media influencers to advertise your app

Posted by on 06/14/2016


App marketing is a dynamic process. It involves a lot of different disciplines and requires many skills, which evolve and change as you go through the different stages of your app’s growth. No single strategy will cut it, and you always have to look for new methods and tactics to spread the word about your app and grow your audience.

Social media platforms are one of the main channels where you can market your app and acquire audience. There are a plethora of networks, each fundamentally different from the others, having its own characteristics, features, audience and ethics. For instance, you can never use your Twitter posting and engagement tactics in LinkedIn and expect success.

However, what all social media platforms have in common is the difficulty and arduousness of building up an audience. It takes a huge amount of effort to build the right follower base in any of these networks and start engaging the right audience.

A shortcut to social media success is to engage and connect with influencers and leverage their success to guarantee your own. Finding and engaging the right people can help you tap into their vast audience to improve the visibility of your app and brand, and accelerate your social media growth rate as well.

In this post, I will share a few tips on how to find the right people in different social media platforms.

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How to develop a successful mobile game

Posted by on 06/08/2016


Building a mobile game is very tough, and not necessarily from a technical perspective. 80% of games aren’t even seen by users, and though you might be very fond of your latest mobile game, a reality check might prove that others don’t think likewise. In general two factors define the success of a mobile game:

  • Revenue: Money has the final say in this business. After all, unless you’ve spent hundreds and thousands of man-hours for social and charitable objectives, if the game doesn’t generate revenue, it won’t be able to sustain the continued endeavors of your studio.
  • Lifetime: Only a game that continues to engage users in the long term can be considered a success. A game that falls into the abyss after an initial sharp rise in popularity is not a successful one.

Even a high app store ranking cannot be considered a success factor if it doesn’t generate results in terms of the abovementioned metrics.

So how do you make sure your hard work and efforts actually generate the satisfactory results you desire? In this post I will share tips for developers to improve the chances of success for your mobile game. There are several caveats to good mobile game programming, especially if you have a background in programming games for other platforms, such as PCs or consoles.

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How to measure the lifetime value of an app user

Posted by on 06/07/2016


You hear a lot about lifetime value of user when reading about mobile app marketing. LTV is one of the most crucial metrics for measuring an app’s success and can make the difference between an app that rakes in millions of dollars and another that doesn’t make a dime. Knowing the lifetime value of your users can help you to determine the health of your app, to estimate the loyalty of your customers, and to forecast the growth of your app over time.

Lifetime value can tell you how much each new customer is worth, and how much you’re spending to acquire each new user.

But how do you calculate the lifetime value of your users? That is a question that remains a mystery to many. Calculating the lifetime value of users can become a tedious and difficult task.

In this article, I’ll try to help you solve this riddle by breaking down its complexity into much more tangible and manageable parts which can be measured individually.

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