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3 successful in-app payment strategies for mobile games

Posted by on 03/29/2016


I’ve already discussed how ads can help bring in a lot of revenue in mobile games, including how developers make fortunes by applying non-intrusive and user-friendly advertisement strategies for their mobile games. But ads are not the only monetization strategy that are raking in huge amounts of cash, and they might not be applicable to all sorts of games.

A tried-and-true alternative that has seen just as much – and even more – success in making money for mobile game developers is in-app purchases (IAP), aka “microtransactions,” where users download the game for free, get a taste, and then pay to unlock extra features. This is a trend that started somewhere in 2010, when free-to-play mobile games kicked off, and has been on the rise ever since. Last year, the top ten mobile games that used this model earned over $5 billion collectively.

This is certainly a more efficient approach than putting a hefty price tag on a game and expecting users to make a one-time purchase to download the app, a risky strategy that might only have a shadow of a chance of succeeding when you’re creating a mobile port for a very famous PC or console game.

But in-app payment does come with its own requisites and pitfalls, and can cause annoyance for players when they’re asked to make an unfair payment at a critical moment, or if they get the general feeling they’re getting nickel-and-dimed by the publisher.

Here are three strategies that can provide a steady revenue for your app without causing the frustration generally attributed to IAP models.

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How To Choose The Ad Model For Your Mobile Game

Posted by on 03/22/2016


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How to successfully pitch your app to the media

Posted by on 03/08/2016


One of the best ways to get exposure and downloads for your app is to draw media attention to it and to get it reviewed on popular blogs and authority sites. So how do you get the attention of journalists and bloggers?

In this post, I’ll share with you the details and tricks of writing a successful pitch.

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The beginner’s guide to landing pages for mobile apps

Posted by on 03/01/2016

Marketing for an app should start long before it is released. You have to create excitement and buzz over the course of the months leading up to launch. When it finally makes its first appearance, people will rush to app stores to download their copy and tap into the endless sea of features it offers.

When you want to market an app that is still in the making, one of the best tools at your disposal will be your landing page or app-focused website. In this article, I’ll tell you all you need to know about landing pages, including the benefits and tools that can help you develop one quickly.

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