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5 Tips To Monetize Your Mobile App

Posted by on 12/29/2015


Given the huge number of apps that are available in app stores and the incessant flux of new apps that are entering the fray, getting your apps noticed is a challenge in itself, let alone making money on it. But it is not impossible. With the right tools and planning, you can make the most out of the valuable time that you’ve spent developing the fabulous app that you’ve just launched in your favorite app store.

In this post, I’ll examine ways that can help you successfully monetize your app, whether it’s a free title or a paid app.

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How To Think Like A Real App Designer

Posted by on 12/22/2015


Many of us who have joined the app community come from contrasting backgrounds. While in many cases, prior experience in a different design and development industry can help a lot in finding your way in the app world, there are also numerous instances where the mindset ported from other domains can be detrimental to your app design learning curve.

In this piece, I will try to introduce you to the right way of thinking like an app designer. Hopefully these tips will help you design faster and with more success.

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Introduction To The Basics Of Mobile App Analytics

Posted by on 12/08/2015

For brands that are designing, launching, promoting and investing in mobile apps, tracking the right engagement metrics is critical to long-term success in terms of ROI and growth. Mobile analytics tools are the key to obtaining and measuring data that can help you track the success of your app.

Using mobile analytics tools, you can get real-time app insights, better understand your users and their needs, adapt your app to their behavior and preferences, and make sure they come back for more.

In this piece, I’ll cover the basics of understanding mobile analytics and how to track and use user engagement data.


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Interview With David Eberle, WRIO Keyboard Mobile Dev

Posted by on 12/04/2015



Building a better keyboard on mobile is a gargantuan challenge. Heck, inputting complex messages to transmit to another human being across the ether using only your thumbs would have been totally unthinkable just a handful of years ago. Updating the tool we use to do it to make communication harder, better, faster, and stronger is no small potatoes.

The WRIO Keyboard team is one of our favorite contenders in the race to design the next generation of mobile keyboards. With the backing of a huge Kickstarter community, they’ve done deep research on how people communicate over mobile, and have put together a better keyboard “for fast, precise, intelligent writing.” Big keys optimized for thumbs plus smart gestures make all the difference, and there’s a special emphasis in catering to users who swap between more than one language.

WRIO is due onto the app stores this coming Spring 2016. While we wait for the big launch, we were lucky enough to score an interview with David Eberle, WRIO Keyboard developer. We talked crowdfunding, user testing, and those eye-catching double space keys.

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How To Design Mobile Apps With Your Audience In Mind

Posted by on 12/01/2015

This is something you’ve read a lot about in different posts (including some of my own): When building an app, design with your audience in mind. Stop thinking and designing from your own perspective.

Easier said than done – and what does it actually mean, anyway? In this post, I’ll be giving you some simple tips on how to design apps that will better appeal to the end user, resulting in a better user experience (and, hopefully, better user reviews and more installs, too!).

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