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Interview With Christian Göllner, Dev Of Flashify And Unclouded

Posted by on 10/30/2015


Christian Göllner is a freelance Android dev who’s distinguished himself from the flock through his well-known and much-beloved utility apps, particularly the root tool Flashify.

We were intrigued about how Christian found niche success with a specific group of highly demanding users, as well as how he balances work on his own projects with freelance projects for clients. He was awesome enough to grant us a little interview, where we grilled him on marketing strategies, negative user feedback, and what apps he’s been loving as of late.

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How To Amplify Your Store Presence And Get More App Installs

Posted by on 10/27/2015


It’s becoming extremely challenging for developers to get their apps noticed after publication, especially since users have nearly two million mobile apps to choose from when accessing major app marketplaces. The fact that the majority of those apps never get installed even once surely does not brighten the prospects. And we all know that installation is the first and most crucial step to generating leads and making conversions.

Therefore, if you want people to find, install, and use your app after you upload it to the Stores, you need to have a strong strategy. I’ve already discussed general tactics for increasing app installs. In this piece, I’ll describe the specific steps to take in order to make sure your app gains the visibility it deserves in online app stores.

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Interview With Liam Spradlin, Mobile UI/UX Designer (Focus, Nova Launcher, AllCast, Today Calendar)

Posted by on 10/23/2015

Bad design is frustrating. Bad app design is infuriating (if you see as many apps each day as I do, anyway – send help).

Designing the aesthetic presentation and user experience of an app is no small task. Seemingly simple design choices have enormous impact on what ends up in the hands of your users.

Will the hamburger menu drop down from the top or should it be swipable from the left? What kind of transitions should you use between sections? What icon is best for the Settings tab? What precise color palette communicates the right message for your unique snowflake of an app? And so one and so forth.

Pro UI/UX designer Liam Spradlin deals with these kind of critical decisions constantly, resulting in some of the most popular and intuitively designed apps on the market today (Focus, Nova Launcher, Allcast, Today Calendar, and more). We scored an interview with him, picking his brains on gathering and acting on user feedback, redesigning apps that are already popular, and designing mobile tools that feature a persistent sense of “fun.”

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How to Get Feedback on Your App, Quick and Dirty

Posted by on 10/20/2015


User communication is one of the key elements that helps you stay on the right track while developing and after you publish your app. Getting feedback on your app is crucial for the following reasons:

  • To help you to locate and improve problem areas

  • To enable you to get in touch with your user community

Feedback is at the heart of business growth. Having the right tools and strategy to gather feedback from your users can help you evolve your app from an average product to an awesome, must-have sensation. In this piece I will offer you tips on how to get quick feedback on your app.

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Interview with Yarden Tadmor, Founder of Switch: Tinder For Jobs

Posted by on 10/16/2015


What if searching for a new job wasn’t completely terrible? Seriously, if you’re still combing the classifieds, you’re way behind the times: everyone who’s ever used Tinder knows that swiping is the new black.

The dev team at Switch is playing the employment-seeking game with a whole new deck. Instead of penning endless heartfelt cover letters only to get lost in a hopeless HR pile, job-seekers using Switch can get matched with hiring managers just by swiping right on opportunities that look like a good match for their experience and skills.

A limited profile for both potentials and recruiters means that finding your next project is efficient, streamlined, and – dare we say it – quite possibly fun. It allows even the currently employed to keep an open mind when it comes to looking at what else is on the market, since it’s so simple to use Switch during small snatches of free time.

Switch has done great for itself since launching this past June. We scored an interview with CEO Yarden Tadmor to find out what’s behind the acclaimed “Tinder for jobs.”

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Interview With Francisco Franco, Dev Of Focus, Android Photo Organizer App

Posted by on 10/09/2015


Keeping thousands of photos unorganized in your smartphone is the equivalent of those endless stacks of Kodak moments stashed away in cardboard boxes in your parents’ garage. All those moments of careful framing and snapping the shutter are effectively rendered lost and pointless.

Everyone needs some kind of photo organizer. Finding the right gallery app can be tricky business; how can you ensure that the app’s methods will match your photo collections?

High-profile mobile developer Francisco Franco  and designer Liam Spradlin released Focus for Android this past July, and it’s taken off since then as one of the sexiest, most highly-functional gallery apps on the market (our editors loved it: check out their review). It’s one of the most effective, easy-to-use solutions for organizing your locally stored photos that we know of – and the basic version is totally free.

Besides great design, Focus features a neat and tidy tagging system so you can organize your photos on multiple levels: subject, source, date, and so forth. A ton of other thoughtful details are included for an IAP of $3.79, like a lock so friends can’t swipe too far and a dark mode perfect for goths and night owls.

We gave Francisco a poke on Twitter last week, and he graciously agreed to a little interview with us regarding Focus, Google Photos, how to get positive press, and more.

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Making An Effective Introduction To Your App Using YouTube

Posted by on 10/06/2015


As an app developer, you need to effectively market your product as simply as possible. We highly recommend you consider using YouTube to get the word out.

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Interview With Liam Mcferrin, 11-Year-Old Android Dev

Posted by on 10/02/2015

Liam Mcferrin is a mobile dev who released his first app, CUBER, to the Play Store just a month ago. Like so many in our developer community, he’s concerned about the finer details of app marketing, Android device fragmentation, and getting his official rating certifications sorted out.

He’s also 11 years old.

As soon as our dev relations guy told me he in was contact with Liam, I knew I had to find a way to talk to him myself. We set up a Skype interview to quench my curiosity; here’s the best of what I managed to pick from Liam’s super active brain.

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