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How to Increase Your Mobile App Installs – Part 1: Free Methods to Increase Your Visibility

Posted by on 09/29/2015

As mobile internet becomes more and more popular, mobile apps are slowly but steadily outdistancing mobile web. Digital content is now being consumed more on mobile devices than on PCs, and the growing trend in online businesses is in-app purchases, as mobile users are becoming more inclined to spend money through apps than web.

According to a 2014 report by mobile apps analytics firm Flurry, the average time spent by consumers on mobiles on a daily basis has been gradaully growing, and most of that time is being spent in apps rather than the web browser. This is a trend that has continued in 2015. Another report shows that mobile apps are even taking the lead from TV shows.

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The Basics Of App Marketing, Part 1: Acquisition And Analytics

Posted by on 09/15/2015

Mobile apps are a booming industry and a lucrative business. Revenues from mobile applications continue to grow on a yearly basis and new trends are always on the rise.

And now, you’ve gone through the pains of developing your first mobile app and deploying it in your favorite app store. Congrats! But you should know that tapping into this sea of endless opportunities requires more than just coding skills, and building a good app only accounts for only part of the process of creating a successful app.

If you want to make the best of your app, you need to have a sound strategy to make sure that your app is discovered and downloaded among millions of others, and that users become actively engaged in using your app, and potentially spend money in it.

This is the goal of app marketing, the subject that I will be discussing in this two-part article.

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How to ensure success in cross-platform mobile development

Posted by on 09/08/2015


Getting a mobile app right is a difficult feat to pull. Getting it right on multiple platforms is even more challenging. It takes the right amount of expertise, planning, and experience to do it right. Favoring one platform and neglecting others can cost you valuable customers. Engaging in all available platforms without having the right tools and developers can lead to even more disastrous results.

Cross-platform development has always been an issue of contention in the mobile app industry, and developers and manufacturers have always been looking for new tools and methods to tackle this seemingly insurmountable challenge. Here are a few tips that should get you on the right track to develop a successful mobile app that will work seamlessly on all popular mobile platforms.

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How To Design An Excellent App Store Icon

Posted by on 09/01/2015


Considering there are more than half a million apps on both the iTunes and Google Play store, you’ve got barely a fraction of a second to secure a potential user’s eyeballs.

The first thing they’ll see before downloading your amazing app will be your app store icon. Don’t turn them away at the door by designing one that’s uninspiring, ugly, or confusing.

Your icon is the visual representation of your app. If it’s is poorly designed, users will likely think your app is, as well.

Beyond impressing your user, it’s important to note that your icon will be used in a lot of places, from your app’s website to its press release. It may be tiny in size, but it looms large. In some cases, it may serve as the foundation by which your app is judged.

Let’s take a closer look at the fundamentals of good app icon design.

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