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Making The Most Of Your App Store Presence: An Introduction

Posted by on 08/18/2015


If you want to achieve success with your app, you need to ask yourself what people will experience when they find it in the app store.

The fact is, poor icon design, snarky review comments, crappy screenshots, and bad grammar do you no favors.

Your app store presence should be a display of your skill and finesse. So don’t leave potential users doubting your skill and questioning your finesse before they’ve even hit the download buttonConsider that without a strong, well-developed app store presence, they may not hit the download button at all.

Here’s a basic overview for newcomers of how to make the most of your very own place in the app stores.

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How Did Angry Birds Become So Successful?

Posted by on 08/11/2015


It’s one of the best-selling apps of all time. It’s the title that heralded in a new level of success for casual games, with gameplay mechanics everyone and their mother understands. It’s the brand that spawned a legacy, however annoying it might be. And it’s the franchise that gave birth to countless toys, spin-off sequels, a movie, and a small number of retirees.

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